Over the past eight years, I’ve designed and taught a wide range of courses at Oklahoma State University and the University of Wisconsin. These include:

  • Food and Culture
  • History of the Present: Food, Environment, and Justice
  • Introduction to the Study of History
  • Reacting to the Past: Worker’s Rights and Women’s Rights, 1913
    • Watch a video about my version of this innovative course, here
  • Survey of American History
  • Jobs in History: A Practicum
    • Read an article about this course in the OSU College of Arts & Sciences magazine, here
  • Senior Research Seminar
  • Graduate Readings on the Environment and Race
  • Eating and Memory: Writing Oral Histories of Food
  • Composing a Shared Meal: Food, Ethics, and Community
  • The Physician in History
  • Western Civilization: Science, Technology, Philosophy II [The Rise of Modern Science]
  • You Are What You Eat: Environmental Studies through Food

Community Projects

Past projects

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