Launching VT Food Studies

After working for the past few months to lay the foundation, we officially launched the Virginia Tech Food Studies Program this past week! It has been great to usher this into the community, and begin to share some of our projects. We’ve built a new website: The program was profiled in a recent VTContinue reading “Launching VT Food Studies”

50th Anniversary of Earth Day

Today’s the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and I’m thinking a lot about what this moment means, in the light of these twin crises we find ourselves in today: COVID-19 and the climate crisis. One may feel much more pressing, much more a problem of right-now. But the other—the continuing increase in carbon dioxide inContinue reading “50th Anniversary of Earth Day”


Seeking diverse contributors for an anthology about the history of food and environment We are editing an anthology about the origins of the modern food system, focused on the period between the 1870s and 1930s. The contributors already onboard all work at the intersection of food and environmental history. The book, tentatively titled “Acquired Tastes: StoriesContinue reading “CFP”

Ok, I get the idea, but now what do I eat?

This post is inspired by a question that a terrific student in my food history class recently asked me. She said, “Ok, so now that I’ve learned more about the American food system and have been recognizing how removed we are from where our food comes from, what should I do about what and howContinue reading “Ok, I get the idea, but now what do I eat?”

How much place shapes food interests

As an environmental historian and a food historian, perhaps it should come as no surprise that where one lives shapes what one eats. And yet, the real transformation in my engagement with food over the past three years–since moving from Madison, Wisconsin to Stillwater, Oklahoma–has been remarkable. I realized, of course, that my involvement withContinue reading “How much place shapes food interests”